Difference-Maker: Sue Samuels

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 29 January, 2018

IMG_4877.jpgWe have a number of Randolph employees whose roles are unique to our school and whose work makes a difference to the quality of the student experience. Our Director of Arts, Sue Samuels, is one of Randolph's Difference-Makers.

What do you do?

I serve Randolph as the Director of Visual and Performing Arts. We have a vibrant arts curriculum K-12 at Randolph, and we are extremely fortunate to have arts offerings with breadth and depth! Our students experience visual art, music, and drama as a regular and vital part of their curriculum. Randolph students learn to create art as individuals and as a group, and our student artists are celebrated and featured both on campus through art exhibits, Head of School Galleries, school and community performances, and various engagements throughout the Huntsville community.

What’s different about your work here?

We have tremendous support from our administration and an atmosphere that creates opportunities for constant growth.

What’s your philosophy? 

All people (regardless of age) NEED art in their lives as a basic means of expression—whether it is through visual art, music, or theater. Art is essential to everyday life. Art can take the everyday and make it extraordinary!

Light Painting - 4462457 (1).jpg

Art is essential to everyday life. Art can take the everyday and make it extraordinary!




We should never be too busy for art. While we certainly focus on academic development and achievement for our students at Randolph, we must create a balanced and well-rounded student who learns empathy, creativity, and problem solving through experiences in the arts.

What does a child need to be happy and successful at school?

A safe, nurturing environment where it is okay to try and fail. Students need to feel secure, to be open, to receive coaching and guidance, and then try again.

6-12 Band Concert - 11-7 - 5137667.jpgDescribe a great day at work

My favorite days are teaching days, especially those days in the cycle of our modified block schedule when I get to teach the long classes. A great day takes place when the students make noticeable progress, and THEY know it.

At school, I am never without...

Thoughts and ideas about how to strengthen our partnerships in the wider community to make Randolph a vibrant and welcoming hub for all the arts!

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