Music on a Mission

Posted by bhulsey - 14 October, 2009

There are so many ways to advance the School’s mission. I was reminded of that when I learned more about the Upper School’s band and choir trip to San Antonio. Under the able leadership of Julian Bryson and Adam Bernick, as well as a group of outstanding chaperones, our students invested the first half of their Fall Break in a long bus ride to the Lone Star State to bring the joy of music to folks beyond the Randolph community.

San Antonio was a natural fit for this trip, because it is known as the City of Missions. Our students played at the Alamo, toured the city, enjoyed the local cuisine, and deepened relationships with each other and their teachers. The crux of the trip, however, was a variety of performances that the band, jazz combo, and choir staged throughout a single day at Arc of San Antonio.

The Arc of San Antonio exists to enhance the quality of life for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities. Our students made a great contribution to their day by joyfully sharing their musical talents with men and women and boys and girls who endure struggles that most of us can hardly imagine. Spontaneous dancing and a rollicking good time for all occurred when the jazz band cranked up. Mr. Bernick told me that he had never seen one of our students perform so ably, which he attributes to the opportunity to play in such a different setting with great purpose and happiness.

Before the long trek back to Huntsville, the choir performed at the Mission San Jose and took a guided tour of San Antonio. Most of the students with whom I have visited give the music mission the highest possible marks. They appreciate the fun and they enjoy using their talents to make a contribution to others.

In fact, the only criticism I heard from the students (except for the really long ride!) was that they wished they had more opportunities to play and to invest their time in those who are less fortunate than we are. Kudos to all who participated in the music mission: by taking advantage of an extraordinary opportunity, you have showed us all how inspiring it can be to be part of something so much larger than ourselves.

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