Giving Tuesday: 8 Reasons to Invest in Randolph

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 21 November, 2017

Giving Tuesday logo.pngGiving Tuesday is a global day of awareness and encouragement for people to support the non-profits that make a difference. We hope that everyone in our school community will consider making a gift to Randolph and sharing their #whyRandolph on #GivingTuesday.

There are so many reasons to support Randolph, but as we count down to Giving Tuesday, here are eight.



1) 40+ Years of Interim

A Randolph education prepares students to think, to adapt, and to lead in a world with endless possibilities that can’t even be imagined today. Your support of the Randolph Fund helps keep our students on the cutting edge, providing the technology that prepares them for the jobs of tomorrow. For more than 40 years, our Interim program has exposed students to possibilities through travel, service, and career exploration, taking learning outside of the classroom.

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2) Lower Schoolers Appreciate Those Who Help

2-Community Helpers - 4820570.jpgRandolph students are held to a high standard in how they relate with one another, our community and to the world that surrounds them. In the Lower School, students learn about the people who help us in our community. They are then able to appreciate the importance of helping others, and they are able to begin to participate themselves.

3) Then Pay it Forward

3-foodpack.jpgSo far this year, students in grades 1-4 have assembled 220 food packs for Morris Elementary (Kindergarten will have their turn in December), and they have made 50 nap blankets for Second Mile Preschool. Students also held a bake sale to raise money for weekend food packs.

“As our students move through the Lower School, one of the most important goals we have for them is that they begin to look at all things through a lens of, ‘How can I make this better?’" says Laurel Shockley, Assistant Head of Lower School.

"Students are often using the Idea Path to take them through the design thinking process. A key part of the design thinking process is empathy. As the students apply design thinking to academic subject matter—how to design a model to represent a bone, or how to design a boat that will not sink with weightwe hope they will apply the same design thinking to situations they see in our school and the wider community. When we see that there is a school with children who need extra food, how can we make the situation better? Through continuous service learning experiences throughout Lower School, we hope that children will internalize the instinct to view all things with a responsibility to improve."

When we see that there is a school with children who need extra food, how can we make the situation better?


4) STEM Learning that Develops Empathy

A Randolph education provides the technology that prepares our students for the jobs of tomorrow, with robust, interactive learning experiences. The Randolph Fund ensures teachers have what they need most to deliver an exceptional learning experience. Each year, the Randolph Fund responds to teacher requests for microscopes, cameras, comfortable furniture, globes, classroom renovations, books, iPads and so much more for the students in their care. Your investment in the Randolph Fund provides the flexible resources that make responding to teacher requests easy. Tuition covers the fundamentals. The Randolph Fund gives us the ability to do so much more.

5) Character Education 

5-2X0A7909w.jpgThe Randolph Fund supports character education by connecting students with opportunities for service that help them see the world beyond themselves, so they learn to navigate complex choices and opportunities as they grow. In the Upper School, the Youth Leadership Council rallies support for student service initiatives. Last year, the Upper School Youth Leadership Council raised $800 through Randolph's Got Talent. Coleman ’17, Rachel ’17, and Eashaa ’17 made this video about some of the projects YLC helped to support. This year, the YLC will be a sponsor of Hack Hsv II, a student-led, community-wide, teen event. Students volunteer weekly at Lincoln Village and the Boys and Girls Club, and explore other volunteer experience with local organizations, such as New Leash on Life.

6) Our teachers, staff, and coaches

6-mcguffey_signing_SM.jpgThere is no better model for inspiring student learning than one of leadership by example from a teacher. We are thankful for those teachers, coaches, and staff members whose service to the School spans decades and generations. When we celebrated the impact made by Lower School PE teacher Steve McGuffey as varsity baseball coach for 35 years, this is what his former players, now Randolph parents, had to say. Stories like these are a powerful testament to the importance of a deeply invested faculty and staff.

7) The Honor System

7-Honor System Orientation - 5018742.jpgHonor matters at Randolph.

From the days of first learning the honor pledge in Kindergarten to signing the Upper School Honor Code, Randolph students are held to a high standard.

"I believe honor is an integral part of Randolph's identity, not just because the Honor Code demands it, but because it pushes us to be the best version of ourselves," says Eve '18, Honor Council President. "It truly paves the way for success in adulthood."

8) The Endless Possibilities a Randolph Education Provides

At Randolph, we have the freedom to teach, we take the time to get to know each student and provide the resources to prepare them for college and what lies beyond, thanks to the generosity of our community.

To sustain our strong programs and continue to shape the future of our talented student body, Randolph, a not-for-profit, must continually strengthen the level of private support. Our students are the direct recipients of your investment in the Randolph Fund. If you have not yet contributed  to the Randolph Fund, please consider a gift today. 

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