Your House is your second home

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 23 August, 2011

Eighth grade House Captains Saahil, Jackson S., Jackson G. and Evans shared this report about Middle School house inductions.

The Middle School house system is one of the unique things that Randolph has to offer. One of the most anticipated days in the school year is house inductions. Fifth graders and new students wait anxiously on the stage to hear their names called to draw the house they will be part of for all their years in Middle School. Some already know because siblings are in the same house. Once they know which one they are in, they are greeted by the House Captains, the student leaders of their new house— Chie, Valor, Diskobre, Ote Watu or Vanskap.

The house system helps build a sense of community, which is important because the Middle School consists of four grades. It is a good way for us to know students in all of the grades.

Throughout the year, houses compete to win house points. Ways students can win points include: winning competitions in school, going to school events, and going out of our way to do something kind. Houses meet regularly to discuss upcoming events and to build companionship within the house. It really gives the 5th graders a sense of belonging in the Middle School. Every year the house system thrives more and more. House captains are responsible for making sure to include everybody and make them feel like this is their second home. We need to lead by example.

The House Inductions Ceremony opened with excitement as everyone stepped through the doors of the Rhett Fine Arts Center and started chanting for their house. After the inductions there was the first house competition. The house captains played a game where one captain held a doughnut on a string above another captain, who ate it without trying to touch it. It was a close call but Valor powered through and won the competition.

The house system is important to the Randolph community because it keeps everyone together. Over the course of the year,  house competitions definitely help the 330 students in the Middle School become one.


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