Teacher profile: Betsy Allen

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 06 March, 2012

By Evans '16

At Randolph, I have learned how to be a good kid and not just a smart kid.

Here at Randolph, people are not only taught the regular core subjects they are taught things that may be irrelevant to the subject. Some teachers feel that this is their job.

Betsy Allen, my 7th grade history teacher, taught me more than just about World Geography. Our class would frequently get off topic and start learning about religion or nuclear missiles.

Mrs. Allen has reasons for letting the class get off topic: “… Randolph is a school of all learning, all disciplines, [my class] does not have to be focused on geography ... it may not be strictly geography, but it is still part of your education and it is still … important in your overall education.”

Unlike other schools, Randolph has given me an advantage in getting a good education. Mrs. Allen loves to teach middle schoolers: “The difference between the Upper … and Middle School is that in the Middle School you need more than the basic information. Our students like to be taught. They are not ‘too cool for school.’"

I think that I will use the information I learned with Mrs. Allen more than from any of my other classes. I will always be thankful to her for teaching me the connections between geography and life.

This profile is one in a series written by the 8th graders in Nichole Liese’s journalism elective, the class that produces the Middle School paper, The Raid. Students profiled a teacher who has had an impact on them in and/or out of the classroom. You can follow The Raid on Twitter @RandolphMSRaid

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