Third Grade Spirit Night

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 13 March, 2012

By Anahita M. ‘21

I am at the Garth Campus watching a basketball game. First there is a boys game. The score is 26-35. Randolph is down. There are 36 seconds left. I get really nervous when I look at the clock. There are 11 seconds left. Madison Academy wins 35-26.

The girls are going to play in 8 minutes. They are practicing. Right now I will ask a cheerleader named Grace, “What are you nervous about?” Grace says, “Not messing up and looking good.” I must say that is a really good answer.

Now I will ask a Middle Schooler named Jordan, “What do you want the score to be at the end of the game?” Jordan says he wants the score to be 360 (Randolph) and 1 (Madison Academy). Right now it is 3-0. Randolph is winning. Both teams’ cheerleaders are showing a lot of spirit for their team. I love watching them do all those flips when they come out into the gym.

It is now 5-2. Randolph is still winning. I asked a boy named Charlie (who is in 2nd grade), how badly does he want Randolph to beat Madison Academy? Charlie says, “Pretty much a lot.” He even said he wants to make his own class newspaper. I think he is a very spirited child.

Now I will ask Mrs. Perry, "What kind of special move do you want one of the players from Randolph to do?"

Mrs. Perry says, “I want them to do an ally hoop,” because her son told her all about them.

“So far in the game what was the worst move by Lady Raiders?”

Coach Chou says, “Missing all the free throws.”

Coach Phillips says, “All the turnovers.”

I will now ask Coach Meadows the same question as all the other coaches. “Coach Meadows says, “Holding the ball too long.” I must agree with him.

I asked some police officers, “What is the worst crime that happened on the Garth Campus?” He says things getting stolen out of cars.

It is the third period and the score is 9-25. Madison Academy is winning. But I think Randolph still has a chance. My friend brought blue paint to the game so we could put it on our faces. I put one line on each cheek of my face and an R on my right cheek. My friend and I did the exact same thing. Now I feel like a Randolph Angel. I like being part of a school with good spirit.

These are some Kindergarteners who had something to say at the end of the game. Their names are J.J. and Drew. Drew said, “I like to play with my Frisbee and be with my friend, J.J.” J.J. said, “I love being with my friend, Drew.” I must say they are awesome friends.

I thought it was an awesome spirit game because I was with my friends.

This past winter, the RPA hosted a series of spirit nights, providing opportunities for families and students to get together on a given evening to socialize and support the Raiders. On January 31, 2nd and 3rd grade spirit night was held during the boys and girls varsity basketball games. Third grader Anahita M. got into the spirit of the evening, which she reported on for Mrs. Eastin’s 3rd Grade Class newsletter, The Spotlight,  from which this story is reprinted.

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