Getting ready for Williamsburg

Posted by kashorses - 15 March, 2012

Every year, the 4th grade takes a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Ever since I found out that once you're in 10th grade, you get to choose what you do for Interim, I have wanted to intern on this trip. Not only did I want to go as an intern on the trip, but I wanted to go my 10th grade year, because my sister would be going! I have always hoped it would be really fun, and she would be excited to have her big sister with her and her grade on the trip. This year, I have the fabulous opportunity of interning for this trip.

Part of my job as an intern is keeping everyone posted on our fun adventures in Williamsburg. Last night, the 4th grade parents had their final informational meeting for the trip. Everyone was given their bus assignments, and all the last-minute details. In addition to my overwhelming excitement for the trip, my 4th grade sister and her friends cannot stop talking about it either.

Check back Sunday night, and all next week, for pictures and stories from our adventures. We can't wait!! Also, I will be tweeting pictures, and quick notes about our adventure throughout the day! You can follow me @KA_wmsbg.

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