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Posted by Timothy Moore - 20 March, 2012

The Raid Report

By Grant A. '16

Monday in Washington, D.C. we were on and off of the bus. Most everyone was tired, but that did not stop us from enjoying the MLK and FDR Memorials early that morning. After that, we went the Library of Congress, but, unfortunately, there was a security problem that prevented us from entering this building. Next, we headed to the Smithsonian Museums where we ate and saw many exhibits about American history, aviation and Native Americans .

We ate a great dinner at Dave and Buster's and played many arcade style games, even winning some prizes. The most interesting of which was a food processor, won by John L. This was a memorable night for all 8th graders.

Essential questions

In addition to these blog entries by the Raid staff, students have been asked to reflect about the day's events. Here are some student entries from the first two days.

The first night the students were asked, "What monument was the most meaningful to you?"

Katherine said it was the Vietnam Memorial, "because my great-uncle fought in this war. This was the only memorial that you were able to walk through and actually felt personal."

Cole also said it was the Vietnam Memorial, "because the names of those who didn't return reminded me of the sacrifices made for my freedom."

Bonnie chose the Korean War Memorial "because my Grandpa fought in the war when he was younger."

Mason loved the WWII Memorial because "my great-grandfather fought in the war."

The second night, students were asked, "Of all the Smithsonian museums you visited today, which museum or specific exhibit will you remember for a long time to come?"

Roman said, "I will remember the exhibit about ancient mammals in the Natural History museum because they looked like something out of a sci-fi film."

Saahil said, "My favorite was the Hirshhorn because it reminds me that the whole world is art and it is just a matter of how one interprets it. I really enjoyed the interesting parts of this modern art museum."

Ryan said, "The Air and Space Museum was awesome. The simulators were really realistic and fun. The exhibits were so interesting because they were so big and factual. This was definitely the most fun museum."

Davis said, "I will remember the gems exhibit because of its grand size and beauty."

You can drop in to the Washington, D.C. trip using the Twitter hashtag #dc8.

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