Interim live: Wednesday wanderings

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 21 March, 2012

Greek dispatch by David Brown, Communications Associate

We left Athens this morning driving west and south through Corinth and eventually to Mycenae, the Bronze Age capital of Greece and home to the House of Atreus, including Agamemnon, leader of the Greek effort in the Trojan War. An impressive ruin of an acropolis and burial tombs including the "treasure of Atreus." We drove on to Epidauris with its famous amphitheater with perfect acoustics. Even from its top row you can hear someone whispering or rustling paper from the stage. Justin tried it out by reciting a Spanish poem. Finished the day in the quaint seaside town of Nafplion, the first capitol of modern Greece. Headed to Olympia tomorrow.

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This video:

HabitatLA from Mary Romer on the Louisiana Habitat trip: "Good morning from the sounds of incredible kids working building houses this morning!" (ed. note, you may have to imagine the hammers.)

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