"The camera is just attracted to me!"

Posted by kashorses - 21 March, 2012

Today was our free day in Williamsburg. First, I went with a bunch of kids to the stocks where we took some pictures. Some of them needed to be there :P.

I say that as a joke, because in all actuality, the kids have behaved really, REALLY well. After that, some of the kids who came on the 9 o'clock bus went to the Randolph House for a tour. At the end, they asked the kids to decide if they had been slaves whether they would have stayed or run away.

I walked down the street to find some other sweethearts and I ended up finding Nataly. Her mama was buying tickets for her cousin! What a cool idea, meet up with family and tour! :) Some of the kids even got to go on a carriage ride yesterday.

I got about an hour and a half to take a break this morning. I chose to go to the art museum. First I was able to get two costume books written by the lady that costumes for Williamsburg. (I do costumes for Theatre Randolph.) Then I got to look at their amazing costume and accessory exhibit. After that, I went to one of the classes that they had at the museum that morning. I attended their scrapbooking class where we made mini scrapbooks. Many of the kids had so many things to do, or were going to manners classes, they did not get the chance to go to scrapbooking, so I told them we could make them later!

After that, I went to lunch with my mom, my sister, Emily, and her Grandma. After our amazing lunch at the Cheese Shop, I took Emily to the candy shop, where we saw some other kids. We took some pictures because Evelyn and Lochlin told me that my camera was attracted to them.

I went to get my Mama's birthday gift and I got to see Rainey, Ella Jane, Nicole, and some others on my way! After getting her gift, I walked down to find some other kids and my camera pulled me over to Lochlin and Evelyn, because it was "so attracted to them." We all went and visited Bruton Parrish Church, the Post Office, and the Silversmith, and then it was time to board the 3 o'clock bus!

Once we got back to the hotel, I went and got in the pool with the kids.... You know I've gone crazy!! :) We did have lots of fun though, splashing around and jumping in. I even have some pictures and videos from inside the water, I will post them tomorrow!

We then went to dinner at Sheild's Tavern. We enjoyed our dinner much more than the night before. It was a very good turkey with some vegetables and your option of soup or salad.   After dinner, I walked with Rainey and some of the boys down to our meeting place for our evening programs! My group and I got to do ghost stories last night. Everyone really enjoyed them. They were scary, but not terrifying!

After "Ghost Among Us," we came back to the hotel. Crazy me decided to get back in the pool with the kids. There was LOTS of splashing around... After the pool, I went and drew, played cards, and enjoyed a late night snack with some of the girls. After our snacks, I went and visited Lochlin, Laura Kate, and Anna Lee! Then, It was time for me to go to bed!

We had a great day and cannot wait for Jamestown tomorrow! Here are our pictures and the pictures left out from Day 2!!


Here's the link to the videos from yesterday! The videos from today won't be posted until tomorrow, because they take so much time to upload!


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