Teacher profile: Nichole Liese

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 19 April, 2012

By Josh Hovanes ’16

Many teachers have taught me many things. A few teachers, including Mrs. Liese, have taught me very special things, not only the lessons I was supposed to learn, but some important life lessons as well.

Mrs. Liese, my 7th grade English teacher, taught me an important lesson using Free Write Friday, a day where we were free to write about whatever we wanted and have the opportunity to share it with the class. Mrs. Liese taught me how to open my mouth and tell the world what I wouldn’t normally want to share, but if I did I could really change how people think about me. For the first few weeks of Free Write Friday, I didn’t share what I had written because I was scared people would not like it, as my stories were really far-fetched and weird.

Mrs. Liese tried to convince everybody to read their stories aloud. She says, “I think that Free Write Friday is a great way for kids to show what they are capable of without the worry of being graded.”

A few weeks into the school year, I decided to take the risk of sharing my story. Everyone thought it was really funny. Taking part in Free Write Friday encouraged me to be more outgoing.

This profile, which will also appear in the Randolph Magazine, is one in a series written by the 8th graders in Nichole Liese’s journalism elective, the class that produces the Middle School paper, The Raid. Students profiled a teacher who has had an impact on them in and/or out of the classroom. You can follow The Raid on Twitter @RandolphMSRaid.

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