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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 28 June, 2012

Alumna Swapna Kakani '08 spoke with the Class of 2012 at their Senior Breakfast, when it is traditional for an alumna or alumnus to welcome its newest members.

In his introduction, Head of School Byron Hulsey told students about Swapna's many accomplishments while at Randolph as well sharing with them the extraordinary challenges she has faced with her health.

Swapna's decision to be placed on a waitlist to undergo multiple organ transplant surgery was, she would tell the class, one the the hardest decisions she has made, but she did so by having the courage and faith to stay true to her values.

Randolph, Swapna said, gave her much more than a great education. "It was my foundation and my support network."

"We are all on borrowed time," she told them. "Don't wait to do anything. Don't take anything for granted. Look at the big picture and savor every moment." Swapna urged the class to stay in touch with each other and the School, and through their friendships, to support each other.

She reminded the students of how, when they were younger, their teachers would prepare them for field trip by telling them to be on their best behavior as they would be representing Randolph. "Think of graduation as if you're going on a lifelong field trip. You will always represent Randolph and its values, and that, Class of 2012, is the big picture."

At the end of the breakfast, students received a parting gift from the School, a copy of David Foster Wallace's commencement address This is Water. Each book contains an inscription from a faculty member who has known that student at some point along the way during their time at Randolph.

It was a morning full of words to live by.

You can listen to Swapna's talk here:



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