It's a Cow's Life: Signs of spring

Posted by Moolius Caesar - 08 March, 2013

Moolius Caesar has the best field position to view spring sports on Garth.

It is a glorious Friday on beautiful Jones Valley Farm. This past winter seems to be a little colder and grayer than other winters. But, maybe I am just getting old. All I know for sure today is that I am so excited about the spring as it quickly approaches. I knew it was coming, I have been able to read all of the normal signs: buttercups blooming, longer days, and, of course, soccer games.

Everyone in the herd loves all of the sports teams at Randolph. I personally really enjoy the cross-country runners, I am so amazed that they can run that far, they MOOve so fast and so MOOtivated.

My calf, who was just born this fall, loves football the best. I do not think he really understands it, but he loves the fact they play the games with a pigskin.

But most of the girls and I really love soccer. We think it is funny that you have two hands and you don’t use them playing soccer—we can relate to handless activity. But, truth be told, my best friend, Miss Angus (Kahn), likes soccer because she thinks Coach Chou is cute.

I have to say, I have never looked so forward to a spring season. Coach McGuffey and his Raider baseball team have never started so well. The team is playing with an urgent tempo, sincere heart and great enthusiasm. The girls and I think they have a real chance for a great run this year. I also think it is important to communicate our appreciation to all of the baseball players for using horsehide instead of cowhide on all of the baseballs.

Although we have some struggle with seeing the whole game, we feel that the softball team has started a new era. Their attitude to succeed has seemed refreshing and we love some of their cheers. We love to watch the games when you are hitting well. Ya’ll score runs so quickly I have to use my COWculator. You wouldn't think it to look at me now, but my best class was COWculus.

All of the ladies love the music that has been added to so many of the athletic contests this year. We really like Phil Collins, and so many of the AC/DC songs. But our favorite is MOOtley Crue. I hope that the music will be playing next weekend on Saturday when we host a softball tournament. The day on my COWander is March 16. I have been promised that if we can hear the music we will play MOOsical chairs . I do hope that man who cooks in front of your building will be respectful of my birthday and not cook old friends next Saturday. Chick-fil-A really is better tasting. By the way, I wish you would sell more dairy products at your little store. It would make me feel better, Randolph is better than that. We never want to be thought of as a milk dud.

Celebrate this spring! Come to the farm, celebrate the competition, and enjoy Randolph. Play hard and finish strong.

♥ Moolius Caesar (Miss)

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