Relationships: "Sauce Boss" & Pop-Tarts

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 05 November, 2013

2013-10-22 16.04.48 HDRNick Webb '15 writes: Last year, I went on the Interim Habitat trip to Maryville, Tennessee. I was not looking forward to the six-and-a-half hour bus ride, but that turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Luckily, I had the great idea to stop at the store and buy Pop-Tarts. I bought every kind imaginable, enough for everyone. Practically everyone brought Gameboys, so we had a massive Mario Kart tournament. Also, since everyone had brought blankets or sleeping bags, we took turns lying on the pile of luggage stacked in the back of the bus.

Mr. Salster [Randolph's Director of Facilities] (or Sauce Boss as we called him) led our group. We thought he might get mad that we were being too rowdy, but he was as loud and funny as any of us! He laughed and joked along with us all the way up there. Even though I was dreading the ride, my relationships with my friends and our group leader, Mr. Salster, made the bus ride unforgettable.

Members of the AP Language and Composition wrote about the four attributes we will feature in our next admissions viewbook (Relationships, Freedom, School Culture and High Expectations). In their stories about what makes Randolph Randolph, food was mentioned often and so it is the theme of our schoolwide photo challenge for November. Share your images on social media and tag them #rstories13.

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