High Expectations: Blueberries

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 12 November, 2013

cereal with blueberriesIn 6th grade, writes Hannah Byers '15, my homeroom/science teacher kept a marble jar for each of his classes. Next to those jars there was a huge bucket of marbles. The smaller ones counted for one point, and the large ones were worth five points. Those were the ones we aspired to.

At the end of the year, Mr. Bonaker would dump out all of the marbles that made their way into the class jars and count up the grand total of each jar. The class with the most points would win an unknown special treat. Getting to put a marble in the jar was one of the highest honors a sixth grader could achieve. It could be anything from doing a random act of kindness, getting a 100 on a test, answering a trivia question, or teaching Mr. Bonaker something new.

One time he went around the room and asked everyone what they had for breakfast. I replied, “Cereal.” He  told me, “Next time, if you add blueberries to your cereal, you can put a marble in the jar.” So the next day, I had cereal and blueberries.

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