School Culture & Relationships: A bowl of potatoes

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 18 November, 2013

2013-11-18 09.42.01-1When juniors in the three sections of AP Language and Composition talked about the experience of being at Randolph, there were a lot of references to food as being important to our school culture and our relationships with each other.

Randolph is like a family, they said. You eat together, take trips together. You sit around the table and talk. Students mentioned foreign language food days, Double Doozie cookies, advisory treats and the awesome dining staff. During November, the theme of our schoolwide photography challenge is food.

"The Garth Commons is Randolph’s melting pot," writes Caroline Justice '15. "In it, you can find teachers, coaches, athletes, homecoming queens, theater people, and geniuses... Anyone who gets a bowl of potatoes for breakfast has to know that they will be sharing it with every person they talk to... In the math hall, there are BC Calculus students and there are Algebra I students. In the Commons, though, it's just members of the Randolph community having a good time together."

You can share your stories and pictures of food, your recipes, your favorite snack, your best food-related memories here or elsewhere via #rstories13. We'll open the buffet in our media gallery on the website in early December.

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