Legacy Huntsville: Civic Challenge

Posted by Mason West - 03 January, 2014

civic_challengeThis year we are challenging our students to answer a question that is rooted in Randolph's educational philosophy: “How does my learning contribute to the greater good?”

We want our students to see that the content they are mastering and the skills they are developing are tools they will one day use to help shape the world.

We want them to know that this world is much more than the scores on a test; the grades at the end of a marking period, or their class rank.

This world is a plethora of social, economic, philosophical and political challenges interwoven in a fabric of divergent nationalities, ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds. We not only want our students to be ready for this world. We want them to be ready to lead in this world.

Our Upper School students are helping to create and launch a groundbreaking program called Legacy Huntsville: Civic Challenge.

Through this program they are being challenged by our city’s leaders to analyze a problem that presently confronts our city’s leadership. Our students are be asked to propose solutions to the housing authority’s decentralization of poverty issue, which helps to answer a specific question that has been posed to the Upper School, "How can we collaborate to alleviate poverty in Huntsville?"

Randolph students, working alongside peers from Butler High School, will be given the opportunity to step into the roles of our city’s leadership as councilors, department heads, community stakeholders and even Mayor to solve this problem.

CityCouncil_KSCWe need your support as they take on this challenge.

When our students make their presentations at City Council meetings in February and April, please be there to support them. We need you to help us ensure that the entire community is aware of the great things these young people are accomplishing for the greater good of our community. Please share this post and follow this blog to stay informed about this project, among other things.

The City of Huntsville has prepared this video about the Civic Challenge. Please watch and share it with your friends and neighbors and be prepared to be amazed by what the youth of Huntsville have to offer our community and the world.

Photos: Randolph/Butler students at City Council meeting, Spring 2013, by Karen Scully-Clemmons; screenshot from City of Huntsville video.

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