Raider spirit

Posted by Robin Barr - 18 January, 2014

spirit_candleShibani Chakrabarty ’14 received a beautiful, scented candle as a gift. After burning it in her room for a few days, both she and her Mom fell in love with the scent and decided they wanted more. After examining the label, they discovered the candle was handmade at a small, locally owned shop in Gadsden called J & J Candles. This would require a road trip!

While in Gadsden, they purchased 12 candles in a variety of scents and learned that the candles could be personalized for different groups or schools and sold as a fund-raiser. Shibani immediately thought of using the candle sale as a way to raise money for community service, one goal of the upcoming Homecoming celebration. The following week, she brought the candles to a Homecoming Committee meeting and everyone agreed this was something the group wanted to pursue. It was also decided that Randolph’s Community Learning program’s new Community Fund would be the recipient of the candle sale profits.

Shibani went to the Business Office and presented her plan for the purchase and resale of the candles to Linda Bryant, Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations. She explained her plan for how the candles could be marketed and sold to the Randolph community. Mrs. Bryant agreed that the sale was a good idea and was willing to help Shibani and the Homecoming Committee finance the upfront costs of the candles.

A few phone calls and another road trip later, the Raider Spirit candle was born! The blue and white 12 oz. candle with an Alabama kudzu scent will go on sale next week for $12. Upper school students will be selling the candles during lunch and on the afternoons of Tuesday, Jan. 21 and Wednesday, Jan. 22, right before the LS/MS carpool line.

All profits from the candle sales will be given to the Randolph Community Fund, which was set up as a resource for the Community Learning program. Students may make applications to the Fund to support specific initiatives.

The candle sale is just one of the ways that students have contributed ideas and taken ownership of homecoming as a schoolwide event.

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