Arts Assembly Bill Passed

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 06 February, 2014

voting_JBlueBy Delaney Wood '18

President Robb signs a second bill into law on Randolph Hill on February 5, 2014. The Arts Assembly Bill will establish a yearly assembly recognizing the arts provided at Randolph Middle School.

There has been an assembly for sports at Randolph, but there hasn’t really been one for the arts. The arts include: Band, Choir, Visual Arts, Drama (Drama Class and Drama Club), Computer (Computer Programming and Digital Storytelling, and Literature (Creative Writing Club). Students elected to represent their club (minimum of two and a maximum of five) will perform or present material from their class or club before giving speeches about their club.

This bill also gives the 7th and 8th graders a chance to intermingle with the 5th and 6th graders. In Drama Club and Creative Writing Club, 5th and 6th graders can speak if they are nominated, while they may participate in a performance made by Band or Choir as long as they are a part of that club. This is a nice addition to Randolph Hill and a worthy addition to the Randolph community.

Representative Creech was a main member in drafting this bill. I asked her a few questions about it. When asked what her favorite part of the bill was, Representative Creech responded, “Well, definitely the fact that it allows students to describe and to almost advertise the artistic things that they're interested in and passionate about.”

When asked how the bill would change and/or affect the Randolph community, Representative Creech simply replied, “It’s going to add an assembly with substance.”

Though sports are a very important subject and deserve an assembly just as the arts do, I agree with the fact that there are now assemblies for every person’s interests.

Photo by Jon Bluestein

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