One Randolph, on and off the field

Posted by Eddie Guth - 20 October, 2014

Early on a Sunday morning as my staff begins preparation for the next game I am filled with emotion as I analyze the game film and am so appreciative of the efforts of my team and the spirit in which they have played. I realize that this week is not just another Friday night we are preparing for, this will be “senior night."

On the surface it is easy to understand that this will be the last time these 11 seniors will play at home, at our beautiful stadium in Jones Valley. But it means so much more than that, this is a huge landmark for these young men. The time, commitment, lows and highs that have been experienced will provide memories that will last a life time. When they started this journey they were young boys eager to learn and work, and this Friday they will walk off the field as young men with many lessons learned and a foundation for success.

2014-10-20 08.57.22I am so grateful to be at Randolph, a community that comes together and supports and celebrates each other. This Friday we will come together to honor all of the seniors who have given so much to this community. I hope that you and your family will gather with us one more time in this beautiful venue to celebrate this event. We will honor 50 young men and women: our senior band members, cheerleaders, cross country runners, swimmers and divers, and volleyball players will all be recognized for their time, spirit, and contributions.

Football games in the south are so much more than 48 minutes of football action. They are an opportunity for us to come together and enjoy the many things that make this community special. For Randolph, game nights are an opportunity to blend two campuses, arts and athletics, and clubs, across all grades, in a unique celebration of the Randolph experience. We have tried to have an appropriate theme for these special Friday nights; this fall, we have honored our military, our youth sports program, and of course our night on the farm as we celebrate our beautiful surroundings. This Friday night, as we honor our seniors, our theme is “ONE Randolph." It is our battle cry this year as we become stronger and we realize our true strength is what we can all do when we work together.

Our pillars of academics, arts, and athletics working hand in hand for the total experience of our community will allow us to reach higher levels of success. It is easy to measure success when there is a scoreboard, but the true measure is the strength of the foundation we give our students. I want to thank Randolph for giving us the opportunity to come together as “ONE Randolph” on these Friday nights. I want to thank those who are easy to recognize like my team, the coaching staff, the cheerleaders led by Monica Vayda and Lauran Ward, and the band led by Adam Bernick, Ann Goodrich, and assisted by Robin Barr.

But the number of people behind the scenes is somewhat staggering.

2014-10-20 09.10.29The beautiful field preparation by Coach Lee Hall, the enthusiasm and work prepping for the P.A. by Chris Walters, Jimmy Scoggins working the scoreboard, and of course the group of football Dads, Steuart Evans, Raymond Jones, Grip Luther, and Ricky Peek who work the chain gang each week. Randolph dad John Eichstaedt does my stats while his daughter, Emily, is the Sideline Assistant. The other coaches in the department who work tirelessly, Wright Ward and Adam Thomas helping in every way possible. The medical support that is provided each day by Freddie Durbin, HEMSI, Dr. Davis, and Dr. Murray is unbelievable. Coach Sue Marshall and her constant efforts to improve the event and team, our incredible business office led by Linda Bryant and our group of volunteers that 2014-10-20 08.56.04includes Jenna Pirani, Rusty Allen, and Eva Anderson. Our facilities staff Mark Salster, Mike Broad, George Crutcher, Spence Johnson, Mike Cagle and Taylor Fulmer are a constant help. Barbie Peek and her volunteer army are the backbone of all of our athletic events. Deb Tomlinson's tweeting and photography helps make every memory special (those are her pictures in the video). Coach Shawn Gaunt and his prep work with all of our athletes is unheard of at the high school level. Amy Scoggins and Ashley Scoggins are so conscientious with all of the details which are often not thought of but so appreciated. Jay Rainey, and all of the School administration that provides support and encouragement for the entire community is exceptional.

Please come out Friday, October 24. We are planning to celebrate the fall season, our seniors, and this community. Senior Night is at 6:30 p.m. and the game against Douglas High School is at 7 p.m.

We are ONE Randolph!

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