The top 10 posts of 2015

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 12 January, 2016

As we start a new semester and a new year, here's a look back over the top blog posts of 2015. Some of these posts shot to popularity in a matter of weeks, others go back a few years. It's a mix of admission-focused posts, alumni stories, student experiences and great advice. Is there a topic you'd like us to explore? Leave a comment or drop us a line!

IMG_38899 things Middle School teachers want you to know

Former Middle School Head Polly Robb asked her faculty to brainstorm a list of all the insights they would want to share with parents of young children. Their suggestions are simple, specific, profound and timeless.


IMG_447013806Questions from the floor

This time last year, Head of School Jay Rainey invited prospective parents to ask questions about Randolph at our Lower School Open House event. “I opened the floor to anonymous questions in the interest of being approachable and transparent,” said Mr. Rainey. “I wanted prospective parents to feel that they were getting authentic, unscripted information from us in order to make the best decision for their children. I also believe that such open dialogue is true to who we are as a school. At Randolph, we believe that opportunities for candid conversations are essential to building a community of trust in which every student can thrive.”

We will be doing this again later this week. Stay tuned (subscribe to this blog) or join us.

Taylor with Robin Williams


Look over here: the gift of Taylor Hill '01

You never know where a conversation with an alumnus will take you. Taylor Hill ’01 talks about his decision to share a print of a photograph with English Chair Lewis Cobbs and how Randolph helped him to seize opportunities.

12_KM sq

12 reasons Kindergarten matters

What’s so great about Randolph’s Kindergarten? We took a team approach to share some 12 things that make our program exceptional and to explain how this first year builds a solid foundation for growth and academic success.





Fearless learners: Middle School Technology Club

Director of Information Services Deborah Silvia Brink, shared some of the great things that were happening in the Middle School when we got our first 3D printer and students started to learn to code. This post is nearly three years old, but the philosophy is still fresh and it contains some great resources.




The demise of the demerit

Head of Middle School Clay Elliott explained the changes to how his division handles discipline and the reasons for the demise of the demerit.



2013-08-29 09.58.11


10 conversations about Randolph

In the fall of 2013, our Admissions Office asked some of our parents how they would respond to skeptical comments and questions about the value of the Randolph experience. Their answers blew us away.





What did you see?

Another 2013 post, written by an 8th grader about how being pranked by her history teacher and Mrs. Robb taught her class a great lesson in perspective.




The unexpected journey

Extraordinary opportunities come in many forms. A junior tackles an extra credit assignment and it leads to a fabulous, all-expenses paid, eye-opening summer experience.





"This experience allowed me to get exposure and it helped to validate all of my work leading up to this point."

The art of anatomy: Willoughby Lucas Hastings '11

An alumna talks about her Randolph journey, becoming an artist and finding her niche.


There are lots and lots of great stories on the blog. Please keep reading!

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