Got questions? New students have answers

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 03 March, 2017

By Anna Grace Johnson ’18

What are your grades?
Why did you switch? Did you not like your old school?
How does your family pay for it?
Are you too smart for our school?

Transitioning to a new school can be a tough process for both middle and high schoolers. We sat down with a group of students and asked them about the positive and negative aspects of transitioning in Middle or Upper School. People can ask really direct questions about the transition. How do our new students respond?

Who decided you were transferring to Randolph and why?

“My parents began the search, but when I visited I thought the kids were nice and I would be academically challenged.” – Davis, 7th grade

“I really wanted more art and music opportunities so I would say I did!”  – Morgan, 7th grade

“Both of my siblings went to Randolph and they enjoyed it, so I decided I wanted to go, too.”
– Katherine, 11th grade



What had you heard about Randolph before you came?

“The math teachers are really good.”
– Paresh, 7th grade

“That the students were Randorks, but now I think they are Rancool.” – Grant, 7th grade

“That the students were very welcoming and there is really good food.” – 7th grader


Now that you're here, what do you tell people about Randolph?

“There are smaller classes size than in public schools and the teachers care about your learning.”
– Kohl, 11th grade

“The teachers care about you and they are passionate about teaching.” – Brooks, 12th grade

Is your family rich?

“No my family is middle class.” – 7th grader

“No, both of my parents work and my dad even works two jobs.” – 7th grader

Why do you spend so much to go to Randolph?

“Everyone in my family says it is worth it.”
– Grant, 7th grade

“It is a college prep school that will provide me with a great education and help me get  into a better college.” – Anna Grace, 11th grade

How much homework do you have?

“There is more out-of-class work, but if you use your study hall you can get ahead.”
– Sam, 7th grade

“A lot, but the homework makes you think and prepares you for tests.” – Davis, 7th grade

How does what you do in class differ from your previous school?

“What we learn and how we learn makes it challenging.” – Logan, 7th grade

“There is less review of materials and more new content being taught.” – 7th grader

“There is much more respect here between students and teachers.” – 7th grader

“The teachers actually teach us, we don’t just search the internet or read the book for answers.”  – Caitlin, 7th grade

“There is no fighting at school, and I feel much safer.” – 7th grader

What makes Randolph feel like a home?

“Everyone is inclusive and welcoming if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to find new friends.” – Anna Grace, 11th grade

“The classroom doesn’t feel like a place where you have to learn, rather it feels like a place where you get to meet new people and gain new knowledge with them.”  – Esper, 11th grade

We hope these questions and answers will help make your transitioning process run smoothly and answer any questions you have about the Randolph community.

Anna Grace Johnson is a junior and an Admissions Ambassador. She is on the cross-country and tennis teams. She enjoys English and photography and hopes to major in journalism or psychology in college. She joined Randolph in the 6th grade.








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