Meet the Ambassadors: Anna Grace '18

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 28 June, 2017

anna grace.jpgStarting in 7th grade, students can apply to work with our Admissions Office as Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors serve as hosts for prospective student visit days and at campus events throughout the year. Families considering Randolph tell us how much they enjoy meeting them, and we are grateful to the Ambassadors for all they do to represent our School.

Four seniors serve as Head Ambassadors. We asked them to tell us why they wanted to fill this role and what they value most about Randolph. Here's what Anna Grace had to say:

I applied to be an Ambassador because I want to convey my love for Randolph with prospective students and their families by showing them how Randolph’s faculty and nurturing environment makes it a tight-knit community. Randolph feels like home rather than just a school.

Being an Ambassador allows me to represent the school. We help welcome prospective students and introduce them to the faculty and friends. I did not feel overwhelmed when I came to Randolph in 6th grade because the Ambassadors welcomed me and introduced me to people.

Randolph School has an honor system that creates a safe environment both inside and outside of the School. There is a sense of trust amongst the students and the faculty, and we receive a lot of freedom and responsibility. The teachers go above and beyond to help each, and every student understands the material. The teachers feel like friends and are eager to help us in any way possible. Upper School classes have about 16 students or fewer. This allows time for the teacher to answer any questions we have and to work with us one-on-one. We have consultation time built into our schedules, providing us with time to talk to teachers and get school work done if we are having a busy week.

AG fan club.jpgAt Randolph, I have enjoyed photography and being a member of the cross-country and tennis teams.

When I graduate, I know I will miss the inclusive community where all of the students and faculty members know each other by name and always reach out to say “Hi” in the hallway.

I will also miss the school spirit when cheering on peers at sporting events and supporting them at plays and choir and band concerts.

The small, tight-knit community allows Randolph School to feel like a family that supports each other at every occasion. Having my friends and classmates cheer me on at cross-country meets motivates me, and I am so appreciative that Randolph has strong school spirit.

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