Senior Spotlight: Zoë Evans '18

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 19 April, 2018

 MS-V B_G XC - State Meet - 5174582Each senior class is made up of students with diverse interests and talents. The School has left its mark on them and they on it. In the little time we have left together, we'd like to offer some portraits of our seniors, to show how they have benefited from their time at Randolph and are prepared for what's next.

Tell me about your first day at Randolph.

I came to Randolph in the 2nd grade. My family had moved here from the UK. I remember everyone being nice, but I was so shy and nervous. One memory that stands out was seeing an older student on campus and thinking, "I can't wait to be like her one day." I started at Randolph when the entire school was on the Drake Avenue campus.

How have you learned to think more independently at Randolph?

Through the independent study that I am taking on poetry. I have designed my own course with the help of Mrs. Elliott. This has allowed me to choose my own books and topics to write about. I have guided this class based on my own interests.


What have you discovered about yourself during the college search process?

I have really high expectations for myself. It has not been an easy year as I search for the best fit for me. I want to find a school that meets my needs outside of the Southeast.

What does the Honor Code mean to you?

The Honor Code means that I can have closer relationships with my teachers as they trust us to make the best decisions. They know we will not be cheating on our assignments and our relationships are stronger because of that. 

Hardest class?

Honors Physics. This class was incredibly hard. I was really proud of how hard I worked for my grade. I had to take a step back to realize that I needed to work and study differently.

What extracurricular activities have you been involved in?

Cross country, track, Echo, Theatre Randolph, and Ambassadors

Where can you be found during your free periods? 

In one of the cubicles in the library or hanging out with friends in the lunchroom.

Favorite thing Mr. Keith serves in the lunchroom?

Pizza on Fridays!


What do you think the community should know about Randolph?

There are a lot of different types of people at Randolph. I love how we all have different interests.

Favorite school tradition?

The last day for seniors when they run the halls.

Favorite Randolph memory?

I have so many, if I have to choose one it would be the day that I felt like I found my group of friends. I can remember this moment and there is a picture of it somewhere. Fran and I were hanging upside down on the bars. If you will let me choose a second, I would say winning the state championship in cross country.

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