Diary of a Senior: The Beginning to an End

Posted by Ella Jane '20 - 29 October, 2019

It is currently my last year of high school. The majority of my peers, to no surprise, are over the moon about graduating. The idea of walking down Randolph School’s back lawn in the soft, green grass to obtain our diploma is riveting. Even though we seniors have only been in school for two long months, it is hard for some not to anxiously count down the days until we can graduate in May. Me? I am not exactly in the same mindset as my eager classmates.

I have always loved our school, not only for the welcoming atmosphere of helpful teachers, but also for the student body that we are surrounded by every day. It scares me that in just a few months, the people I have been surrounded by for years I will no longer see every day. Randolph has become my home ever since I first came in the 2nd grade, so it almost feels like I will be leaving my family as we all part on our separate ways to take the next steps in our lives. Although this does make me sad, the Randolph community, being the big family that it is, has created something for the seniors to make our last year the most memorable yet.

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Randolph School has memorable activities such as the senior and kindergarten buddies. This is when one or two seniors are paired with one kindergartner. As seniors, it is our job to let these new kindergartners, who are just entering our school, feel welcome in their new Randolph family. In order to do so, we participate in several in-school and out-of-school activities. Not only is it fun for the seniors to get to know and play with an adorable five year old, but it is also a great opportunity for the new students to make memories in their new home.

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For example, at the beginning of the year, Randolph has a ceremony known as Opening Convocation. This ceremony is to represent the upcoming school year beginning in a great start. There are speeches given by the student body, along with the head of school, to wish us new students good luck. However, the main event is when we walk our buddies into the ceremony. At the beginning of this all-school event, the seniors hold our kindergarten buddies' hands and proceed to walk them into their new school year. This is symbolic for us seniors to be able to walk our buddies into their new school year. This is the start of us being a big happy family.

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Another activity that the seniors recently participated in with their buddies is reading their favorite book to them. My buddy, Macy, chose for me and my partner to read to her a book about princesses. Not only was this day full of laughs due to mispronouncing words or silly pictures in the book, but it seemed that every child's book that we read had a happy ending. In a way, this once again reminded me of graduation, and how there is going to not only be a happy ending for us seniors, but also for our kindergartners as they one day graduate from their family known as Randolph School.

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