The Randolph Journey

Mr. Bonaker and the Independent School Connection

When I got the call from a family moving to Huntsville from Columbus, Ga., it turned out that there was a Randolph connection. When Dr. Rebecca McClellan found out that ...
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The Best Decision We Ever Made

"We were driving to Auburn one weekend, and I said to my husband, 'You know, I think we might want to think about letting Rhett go shadow at Randolph.' A lot of his ...

Have No Fear

To most seniors the idea of being at school at half past six in the morning seems as outlandish as it is unlikely. And as for the idea of getting to school at that hour ...

Top Tips for 4th Grade

At the end of the school year, Randolph's 4th graders compiled advice for the students who would be following in their footsteps. If you have been reading our posts ...

Got Questions? New Students Have Answers!

What are your grades? Why did you switch? Did you not like your old school? How does your family pay for it? Are you too smart for our school? These are some of the ...