The Randolph Journey

Seniors to Freshmen: Make the Most of It!

Every day at Randolph, an adult suggests to a student that he or she take a risk or try something new. Hearing this advice from an adult does not have the same impact as ...

Have No Fear

To most seniors the idea of being at school at half past six in the morning seems as outlandish as it is unlikely. And as for the idea of getting to school at that hour ...
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Be Here Now

The Swiss playwright Max Frisch once wrote, "Technology [is] the knack of so arranging the world that we do not have to experience it." In many instances, the avoidance ...
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4th Graders: The Mirrors of a Community

As a sophomore, Katie Kessler' 17 was one of four student interns who accompanied the 4th grade on thier spring trip to Williamsburg. These were her reflections on the ...
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Why I Transferred to Randolph

By Raymond Carter '16 I turned the poster over and looked at the four names on the back. They were all written in the same, large handwriting—my own. With the poster ...