Tailored Tuition

Randolph offers the best education in the region, and it’s more affordable than you think.

We are delighted you are interested in Randolph School. For most families, investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning. We strive to keep tuition and fees as low as possible to make a Randolph education affordable.

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2018-19 Tuition & Fees

Tuition ranges
K - 4 $4,025 to $16,100
5 - 8 $4,523 to $18,090
9 - 12 $5,095 to $20,380
Greengate $5,750 to $23,000

Payment Options

Randolph offers three payment schedule options.
A deposit is due at the time of enrollment.

Required Fees

K - 4 $675
5 - 8 $815
9 - 12 $640

How Tailored Tuition Works

With Tailored Tuition, a family’s cost is based on a sliding scale from 25 to 100 percent of tuition. Admission decisions are made separately from tuition determinations. The application process for both should be simultaneous.

All families contribute toward the cost of a Randolph education. We expect this investment to be among a family’s highest financial priorities.

Tailored Tuition determinations are reviewed annually and are confidential agreements between Randolph and a family.

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Tailored Tuition Process

  • Apply to Randolph
  • Create an account with SSS, a confidential third-party financial information review service.
  • Pay the $49 SSS application fee. (Randolph School’s code is 5992.)
  • Complete the SSS application and Parent Financial Statement.
  • Upload to the SSS website a signed copy of your 2017 federal tax return (Form 1040) including all schedules, W-2, and 1099 forms as well as a signed Form 4506.
  • A file is considered complete when the Parent Financial Statements and 2017 tax returns are received from both parents, either jointly or separately, including signatures, all schedules, W-2s and 1099s, and Form 4506.

Tailored Tuition is determined annually, and current parents must reapply each year through SSS by February 15. Unless there is a significant change in annual income or available assets, parents can expect a similar Tailored Tuition from year to year.

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Tailored Tuition FAQs

How and when is Tailored Tuition determined?

Randolph uses an objective third-party processor, SSS, to provide a financial profile of an applying family. SSS estimates the tuition that the family should pay according to this profile. After careful consideration, Randolph determines a Tailored Tuition amount for the family for the coming school year. We make every effort to partner with families who seek a Randolph education for their children.

Is my financial information confidential?

Yes. All financial information is held in strict confidence by SSS and by Randolph School.

Is my Tailored Tuition amount renewable each year?

Yes. Tailored Tuition decisions are made on a yearly basis. A new application must be submitted to SSS each year. Once a family receives a Tailored Tuition amount, they can expect a similar tuition in subsequent years unless the family’s financial situation changes significantly.

Is Tailored Tuition available to international students?

No. At this time, Randolph’s Tailored Tuition program is not available to international students.

I'm not sure if our financial situation would qualify us for Tailored Tuition. Should I still apply?

Yes. Each year, Randolph makes a wide range of tuition decisions. A slightly reduced tuition amount can open the door for a student to access a Randolph education.

How is Tailored Tuition funded?

Randolph School as a whole is funded through a combination of tuition, fees, philanthropic giving, investment income, and auxiliary program revenue. The breadth and depth of educational opportunities available at Randolph entail substantial fixed costs, each family’s share of which decreases as more students are enrolled. The Tailored Tuition program reduces the expense of a Randolph education for full-pay families by distributing our total fixed costs across a broader base of tuition payers. Randolph is committed to limiting year-over-year tuition and fee increases for all families by augmenting our other sources of income and controlling our operating costs.

What other expenses are there?

Uniforms, extracurricular activities, after-school care and lunches are not covered by Tailored Tuition or required annual fees.

Does Tailored Tuition affect athletic eligibility?

A student-athlete entering grades 8-12 whose family pays less than full tuition is ineligible to compete during his or her first year at Randolph.

According to the AHSAA 2017-18 handbook:

Rule VI, Administration, Section 7. Financial Aid.
A student that transfers to a member school and receives any financial aid shall remain ineligible at that school for one year. Note: A First time 7th grader that transfers to a new school is not subject to this rule. A 7th grader who transfers after the start of the school year is subject to this rule.

How does Tailored Tuition benefit full-pay families?

In addition to reducing the cost of a Randolph education for full-pay families by distributing our fixed operating expenses across a larger number of tuition payers, Tailored Tuition also supports healthy rates of participation in our curricular and extracurricular offerings by welcoming more families to our school. And Tailored Tuition helps us to surround all Randolph students with as many bright and hard-working children in the Tennessee Valley as we can enroll.

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