The Randolph Journey

Simon Yang Senior Speech Pic 1

Senior Speech: A Reputation with Yourself

  • Simon Yang
  • 13.09.2019
By Simon Yang '20 A few years ago when I was still on the Drake campus, I remember a poster stuck on the back of the lunchroom next to the microwaves: “Reputation is ...
jim palmerw

Founders Key Award: Jim Palmer

Last year, Randolph and its Alumni Association created a Founders Key award to honor the legacy of the most influential Randolph community members of the past, those who ...
Ji Soo Kim Senior Speech Pic 1

Senior Speech: The Power of Believing in Yourself

  • Ji Soo Kim '20
  • 04.09.2019
By Ji Soo Kim, '20 I believe in the power of believing in yourself. I have come to learn that high school is a time for exploration. It is the time and place where I ...