Babies and Technology: What's Best?

Posted by Glynn Below - 01 November, 2017

IMG_3201w.jpgYou hand your baby an iPad to watch a video. The technology is so intuitive. Your toddler loves to play educational games on your phone or ask Siri questions. Your child is communicating with Alexa. They are not just growing up with this technology, it plays a part in teaching them about the world. Or does it? 

It's tough in this parenting world of many screens, and it's hard to know best practices when it comes to movies, television, computers, tablets, video games and smartphones. Join us November 16th for an event that will help you to navigate the technology waters throughout your child's infant and toddler years.

BabyiPad.jpgAt the Vanderbilt University Department of Psychology and Human Development, Dr. Georgene Troseth wonders a lot about how babies and toddlers figure things out in real life and on a screen. She asks questions like "What types of technology promote learning?" and "Do babies learn from digital media?"

Randolph welcomes Dr. Troseth to the Lecture Hall on the Garth Campus on Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 p.m. There will be an opportunity to gather in groups to discuss common issues, hear Dr. Troseth's lecture and then offer questions for her consideration.

Georgene Troseth Pic.jpgDr. Troseth's work leads us to several key ideas:

1. The Baby Einstein movement was not what we thought is was.

2. There's no replacement for human connections. The Think Media website highlights Dr. Troseth's comment: “After watching a video designed to teach vocabulary for a month, the infants did not know any more of the words than children with no exposure to the video… Babies enjoy watching the videos, but don’t expect your child to learn much from them.”

3. Know the one thing you can do to make a difference in your child's tech-rich environment. “Until children get older, it isn’t natural or easy for them to learn from videos, so they’re going to learn a lot more if you are there helping them, just like you would help them with a book.”

Dr. Troseth's lecture on November 16th, "The Vital Role of Parents in the Screen Age" will be a great opportunity to connect with professionals in the early childhood education field, to embrace new ideas, and to connect with parents who are struggling with the same technology issues that you wrestle with. Join us for our free seminar with Georgene Troseth, register with the button below.

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Topics: social skills, social/emotional learning, technology, cognitive growth, brain

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