Diary of a Senior: Last Firsts

Posted by Blake '19 - 31 August, 2018

Opening Convocation 2018You would think that for us seniors, the first day of high school, now that it's our fourth one, should be the easiest. However, the mixed emotions of excitement and uncertainty about starting our final year ran high.

Day One was all about reuniting as a class and sharing our summer adventures. 

As the Class of 2019 enjoyed the familiar staff and inviting classrooms of the Garth campus, the Class of 2022 was just getting their first taste of high school life. What was comfortable and familiar for us was new and unsettled for them. Thinking back to my own freshman year, I had no idea my perspective of one place could change so much.

So after reuniting with our friends, Day Two was about reaching out. 

A group of us had been selected as peer advisors to go on the freshman retreat at camp Cha-La-Kee on the second day of school. When we had gone as freshman, we had been excited, yet timid. However, as seniors, I could sense that our new responsibility to lead others yielded similar feelings, but on a much greater scale.

IMG_9406Our day started bright and early when we met the advisories we would be leading; and they were meeting each other as well. The retreat began slowly. Everyone was cautious, not really knowing how to act, but by the end of the day, it was clear how kayaking and adapting during thunderstorms can unite different groups of people. The ability for total strangers, three grades apart, to become great friends at the end of a 10-hour retreat is just a small insight into the community that Randolph strives to manifest in our hallways.

In the same vein, the senior class began another major connection to the much younger Kindergarten Class of 2032. Opening Convocation was an experience like no other. I remember seeing my brother go through it when he entered kindergarten in 2012 and my sister as a senior last year. But I never felt the childlike excitement until it was my turn. (I came to Randolph in the 3rd grade, so I missed experiencing this as a Kindergartner.) The pure happiness makes the age gap from kindergarten to senior year a seamless connection. I witnessed my classmates and their buddies bond as if they’d known each other for many years, and as soon as I met my own Kindergarten Buddy, I could tell this experience would be one I'll never forget.

August was a time of new beginnings for the senior class, with our last first day, the senior-freshman retreat, and Convocation. These experiences were all enhanced by the relationships, new and old, that they fostered, that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

Blake is the Senior Class Vice-President. He has been at Randolph since the 3rd grade. He is a Student Ambassador and a member of the Youth Leadership Council. He plays basketball, lacrosse, and golf. His favorite subject is everything. Periodically, Blake will share highlights of the senior year experience. He hopes to attend a military service academy in the fall.

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