Diary of a Senior: Friendsgiving

Posted by Blake '19 - 10 December, 2018

turkey hands - 9296967The fall months have not only provided a change of weather but also a shift in the attitude of the senior class towards the school year. A few months in to the year, it’s normal to get into a routine and become accustomed to working with each other and developing our relationships as a community and a family. The summer months are full of excitement and joy but the fall months are rooted in a connection to one another and being thankful for our blessings.

This year for the first time ever the senior class had a Friendsgiving one Saturday before Thanksgiving. The typical potluck style of these events is heavily reliant on the participants to make or break the success of the meal. The inaugural gathering was made up of about 30 students and each one had a contribution to the livelihood and prosperity of our new idea. Whether bringing the turkey or helping to set up the streaming of the football games was your job, each student was responsible for some aspect of making this Friendsgiving a success.

6U4A5439wThis idea of family was further illuminated in the connection to our Kindergarten buddies. The Halloween parade and the hand turkey families that we drew just prior to Thanksgiving were a great way to take our minds off of school and focus on the importance of family. A goofy costume and a warm smile are enough to make the days of our little buddies, and the joy they get from seeing our costumes is enough to make ours.

The gulf between the oldest Upper Schoolers and the youngest Lower Schoolers now has become a seamless connection sewn together by events like this. It’s quickly forgotten how we are all children at heart and never too young to dress up or draw turkey hands. Dressing up and walking around asking for candy is one of my favorite childhood memories, but now I realized the real joy behind the holiday is getting to spend this time enjoying company. The same principle is evident in drawing turkey hands. The goal isn’t to create the best-looking drawings, it is to provoke laughter and get to know each other in the process.

Senior Buddies - 9296987These events and bonding with my peers are what help create our family at school. It is a blessing to be able to feel welcomed and wanted by everyone K-12. Randolph fosters a community like no other and the special group of people I get to interact with each and every day is a gift I value more than anything else. The season of Thanksgiving is one to be cherished and allows us to be truly thankful for the incredible environment and sense of family that is pervasive throughout our lives at Randolph.

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