Difference-Maker: Shawn Gaunt

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 27 April, 2018

7F6A0362We have a number of Randolph employees whose roles are unique to our school and whose work makes a difference to the quality of the student experience. Shawn Gaunt, our Director of Strength and Conditioning, is one of Randolph's Difference-Makers.

What do you do?

As the Director of Strength and Conditioning, I am responsible for the physical preparation of the student athletes at Randolph. My philosophy is to develop a complete athlete through general, but holistic, training programs. This is accomplished by teaching proper movement patterns, increasing strength and power, and improving mobility. The result is an athlete with increased confidence and reduced risk of injury.

What is your philosophy working with the age of kids you do?

A large percentage of my time is spent with our Upper School athletes, but I do have the privilege of working with our Middle School kids, beginning in the 5th grade. With a wide range of age groups and abilities, the training programs must be appropriate for a specific level. There are many progressions/regressions of exercises used to create a safe and effective workout for them.

What is different about your work here?

I get to impact and influence the kids at a younger age than when I worked at the collegiate level. I help build the physical foundation that they will need to continue to develop throughout their athletic careers.


Describe a great day at work.

The weight room is busy, and athletes are working hard. I love to see them pushing each other!

When you tell people what you do, what do they say? What do you tell them?

What a cool job. You get to just work out all day? Ha, not exactly!

You are off during the summer right? Wrong again! Super busy!

What do children need to be happy/successful at school?

They need to feel loved and supported by the faculty and staff. I really make an effort to know the kids better and build  relationships with them. This leads to greater trust. “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

What are some things you love about your job?

I obviously enjoy getting the most out of our athletes when they are training, but I also get great satisfaction from watching our athletes compete, regardless of sport. The other thing is when former athletes come to visit or workout when they are home from college.

Where can you be found most days?

In my second home, the weight room, unless I am eating lunch in the Commons.

Best time of the school year?

Spring! There are a ton of outdoor sports taking place, more daylight and color outside, and summer is near!

Learn more about the Strength & Conditioning Program here.

 Follow Coach Gaunt on Instagram @randolphstrong.






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