Emory Johnson '16: Travel Photographer

Posted by Glynn Below - 27 January, 2018

Emory-Johnson-16.jpgPhotography has always been a passion of mine, so when I got the opportunity to study abroad for the year in Switzerland it only seemed logical to use this time to bolster my photography repertoire and work on becoming a better photographer.

I decided the summer before I went abroad to create a website to chronicle my travels along with my photos. I had great exposure at Randolph to incredible talent as Mr. Townsend taught me everything I know about photography.

fishery iceland.jpgMr. Townsend is an inspiring teacher. He encouraged not only beautiful composition, but for the photo to convey feeling. He taught me so much over the three years I was in his photography classes and I’m still challenged by what I learned in his classes.

I also got the great opportunity junior year to write an I-Search for Ms. Rossuck about the topic of my choosing. I wrote about nature photography and during my research I got to talk to some inspiring nature photographers via email.

Talking to these photographers and seeing their work was eye-opening. A lot of what I learned during the I-Search process helped lead me to create my website.

dolomites.jpgI will always think of Mr. Townsend when I am pondering questions of composition and design and I am thankful Ms. Rossuck gave me the opportunity to explore a field that I always found intriguing. I’m hoping to eventually add a blog component to my website so that I can write more about my experiences in these different places. All that being said, my website is definitely still a work in progress, but I’m excited to watch it grow and change!

Emory served on Randolph's Honor Council for three years and was vice-president her senior year. She participated in cross country, indoor and outdoor track and was a student ambassador. At Pepperdine, she is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, a recipient of a National Science Foundation Grant, the George Pepperdine Scholarship, and is currently spending her sophomore year abroad for the Pepperdine program in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

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