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Posted by Clarissa McClain - 29 April, 2019

Summer is approaching. Technically, the summer solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21, 2019. However, we all know that summer essentially starts when the last official school day ends. Depending on your vantage point, that could be a good or bad thing. Many parents want to find valuable, but fun ways for their children to spend their time out of school. Have you considered sending them to a Randolph Summer Program?

About Randolph Summer Programs

Whether your child’s interest is in math, art, science, reading, magic, cooking, superheroes, dolls, movies, sports, dinosaurs, music or Legos – Randolph can be the place for them to learn, grow and make the most of the summer months.

“Our camps are open to everyone,” says Kelley Wolfe, the Summer Program Coordinator at Randolph School. “You do not need to be a Randolph student to attend.”

Taught by Randolph faculty, staff, and coaches, the courses are designed to expose children to challenging academic, arts and athletic programs in ways that excite their imagination. The summer camp themes, like “Harry Potter," “American Girl,” or “Superheroes” are intended to be a helpful guide for parents who are trying to figure out which program their child naturally has an interest in, but they all have an academic component that is appropriate for each student’s grade level.

Consider this scenario.

What your kid hears: “Would you like to go to Harry Potter camp? You’ll get to make wands, potions and be in a spell casting contest.”

What you know: “This gives you a chance to learn more about math and science, meet new people, and boost your creativity and confidence." (insert your best, evil laugh)

While a great deal of effort goes into making the summer programs educational for students, there are many benefits beyond academics. Camp attendees participate in hands-on learning activities, build social skills and learn to work with their peers as a team. Oftentimes, they really begin to blossom as individuals.

“I love watching students grow throughout my program,” explains Wolfe. “Last summer, a child that was entering kindergarten attended all four weeks of camp. In the beginning, she was timid, shy and extremely reserved. By the end of the month, she was strong, confident and excited to come back each day. The older campers, like 4th graders, truly begin to shine as they develop leadership skills and offer guidance to the younger campers.”

Greengate School Camps

Greengate School at Randolph offers a four-week camp to strengthen language and math skills for children with reading difficulties. For students with dyslexia, it’s critical that precious academic ground isn’t lost during the long weeks of summer.

Brandi Sterling is the Summer Camp Coordinator for the Greengate School at Randolph and says the biggest differentiator from other programs is the one-on-one Orton-Gillingham reading tutorials by specifically trained practitioners. The sessions are daily and designed for bright children who struggle in reading, spelling and writing.

“Many parents have reported that their students look forward to coming when they never want to go to school,” explains Sterling. “They describe to us how their child will start ‘acting like themselves again’ and picking up books to read on their own.”

Sterling says entrance and exit assessments are done for each camp participant and over the years, they’ve seen 100% of the students succeed in some way.

“In the years I've done it, every single student has made gains in at least one area of assessment,” shares Sterling.

Randolph Athletic Camps

Are athletic camps more your kid’s speed? Raider Camps are available for cheer, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and tennis. Randolph Athletic Camps take place on the School’s campus and provide an education-based athletic environment with experienced teacher-coaches. Knowing that some participants may come in with no experience whatsoever and others may have played a sport for a while, the coaches lead comprehensive programs that are appropriate for every age and stage. The goals are to improve a child’s athletic ability and character.

“Participants will be actively getting better at their sport as well as becoming more physically fit at the same time,” describes Randolph School Athletics Director Blake Davenport. “They will be shown proper form and techniques that can also be done at home, so they can continue to develop further even after the camp is over. Their development will take place in a fun environment with the hope of enhancing their passion for the sport.”

Another added value are the relationships that are formed during the athletic camps and continue long after the summer ends.  

“Relationships are developed in addition to developing athletic abilities and having fun,” says Davenport. “There are countless stories of kids who had a blast, fell in love with a sport and then urged their parents to bring them to games because they developed a relationship with the coach and/or some varsity players that were helping lead the camp.”

Clearly, there is a lot to do this summer at Randolph! Browse the program catalog, find the right one for your child, and register today!

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