Foreign Language in the Lower School

Posted by Whitney Painter - 13 September, 2017

Learning a foreign language opens a desire to know and explore the world in which we live in new and exciting ways. It forces you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and to appreciate the values, practices, and perspectives of those outside of our own culture. Learning to play the role of another and to be open to new adventures is the most amazing feeling.

How Randolph Challenges Its Students

But how do you begin? Is there a way to start acquiring language skills even though you have little to no experience? Of course, there is!

Lower School Foreign LanguageAt Randolph School, we offer foreign language study beginning in kindergarten and going all the way to senior year in high school.

As a teacher at Randolph, I am extremely proud to be part of a community that encourages early language learning. Science has shown us that younger children acquire language in a conceptual way, which reinforces language memory. Young children can hear sounds and mimic facial expressions that adults simply cannot. 

Randolph embraces these facts and supports its teachers in curriculum development, allowing us to have autonomy and be creative in our classrooms. The language educators work diligently to guarantee that their students receive the highest quality of foreign language education by challenging students to try new experiences and become a part of a global community.

How You Can Challenge Your Child

At times, new families may be worried that their children may be behind those that began their language education at five or six years old. How can new families better prepare their children for success?

There are several useful websites that can help build vocabulary and reinforce grammatical concepts through flashcards, videos, and traditional grammar practice. Whether your child has had years of language experience, or hardly any at all, everyone can benefit from the following sites.

For vocabulary practice, you can search for helpful videos and flashcards on Quizlet & YouTube

Here are other online resources to use:


At Randolph, we recognize the incredible benefits of children learning foreign languages. To discover more ways that we challenge students to embrace their full potential, schedule a time to tour our campus!

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