I Am Thankful for My Buddy

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 20 November, 2017

Opening Convocation - 4292066.jpgBy Rhea Maladkar  '18, Head Ambassador

At Randolph, the Kindergarten Buddy Program is a tradition that pairs up every senior with a kindergartner to be their buddy and to mentor for the year. This signature program builds a bond between our two campuses.

Ever since my first Opening Convocation, the first time the whole school gathers each academic year, I couldn’t wait to hold hands with my Kindergarten Buddy as we entered the gym and introduced the Class of 2030 to the student body.

In August, it was finally my turn. A new friendship was instantly created, and I plan for it to last a lifetime. I quickly learned a lot about my buddy, like how he is in a self-defense class and how his favorite animal is a black bear. My sister, Niki, who graduated in 2007 still talks about her Kindergarten Buddy and the joy it brought her during her senior year.

2X0A4510w.jpgI think my favorite parts of the program are the simple things, like the excitement we see in their faces as they show us their work or as they tell us about things that are happening in their classes. We will meet several times throughout the year, for everything from quick reading dates to activities around holidays. I don’t just see my buddy at school; sometimes we meet at community activities. Just this past month, we attended a fall carnival together. He reminds me how simple life really is, and whenever I see him, my stress disappears.

Closing Convocation, the ceremonial end of the academic year when the whole school gathers, will be bittersweet for me when my buddy escorts me out of the School. I really look forward to doing the Maypole dance with him and hearing him sing our alma mater. I know that I will have many memories of my senior year, but the ones that I make with my Kindergarten Buddy will be some of my favorites.

Mentors and lasting relationships are just one of the reasons #whyRandolph. If you think Randolph can be the right place for your family, then schedule a time to tour our campus.

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