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Posted by Kelly Emerson - 09 January, 2012

What kinds of things do people ask our student tour guides? What do our student tour guides think about Randolph? Kelly Emerson put these questions to Head Student Ambassadors Logan ’12 and Elizabeth ’12.

What questions do you get asked most often when you tour?

What is the homework situation like?
It’s not as much as people say it is, but it all comes down to time management. USE YOUR FREE TIME.

What is “Interim”?
Interim is one week in March for Upper School learning outside the classroom: a trip (domestic or international), career exploration, community service or a local class.

What are some misperceptions people or other students might have about Randolph?
Randolph doesn’t fall under the typical high school clichés, there are no “cliques.” Everyone is very welcoming, whether you’re a new student or a lifer. Randolph students do have social lives. Free periods allow for more free time after 3:30 PM.

What is your favorite place to show people when you give a tour?

1. Comparative anatomy classroom: I love to talk about dissection.

2. Library: The big window; good architectural design.

3. Athletic trophy cases: It is cool to see all the cross-country trophies.

4. Stagecraft room: It’s just awesome.

5. Auditorium: “State of the art,” student-run lighting and sound.

What will you miss the most about Randolph?

1. Teachers and friends

2. The photography and Mac labs

3. The Randolph Dining staff

If you have a question about Randolph, please feel free to ask! You can ask here or email the Admissions Office.

If you are interested in learning about our Upper School program and financial aid, please join us for an Upper School Admissions Open House on the morning of February 14, 10 AM. Click here  for more information or to register.

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