You've got mail

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 11 February, 2012

Dear Kaitlin,

How is college? You have to go straight to Huntsville this summer. I really miss you! I got Trent Richardson's autograph. I spent most of the summer with Mary Allen. I always asked Mary Allen if you could come, but you were in Texas. Will you please write back?









Dear Cameron,

Remember me? I was your Kindergarten buddy. I hope you are having a great Valentine. I am in the 2nd Grade now. You were the fastest person at Greenwyche.

Your buddy,


Dear Bonnie,

I miss you a lot. Guess what? I got a new kitten. her name is DeDe. I found her on the road next to McDonald's in Arab. I am in Ms. Williams' class. Today we are having a food party. I found my kitten on a rainy day.

Dear Wilson,

Remember me, your old Kindergarten buddy? Remember the time we flew a kite together? Remember the time you dressed up like a hula girl?
I hope you do. I miss you so much.

Your buddy,



Dear Mary Allen,

Do you remember me? We flew a kite together. Remember when you took me to a Spelling Bee? You're the best. Happy Valentine's Day!

Your Buddy,



Dear Sumeet,

Happy Valentine's Day.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm going to be a Senior Buddy,
just like you.



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