Teacher profile: Madame Willett

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 27 February, 2012

By Grant A. ’16

Throughout the years there will always be at least one teacher that we all remember. That teacher might have helped us through a tough time during school or ensured that we got ahead in our studies. Whoever it is, they will always be in our thoughts and minds. Enzie Willett, a Middle School French teacher at Randolph School, is always there to help my fellow students and me before and after class, wherever we need it.

She has changed my life and taught me so much. She is an excellent teacher and an exceptional friend. Her laughter and jokes make her classroom a great place to be. Madame Willett always taught us challenging material, and always taught it with enthusiasm. In the early days it might have been my first few vocabulary words, but, as I got older, more was expected of me. Her detailed explanations of the material always made it clear and easy to understand.

Board races are something our class always does before a test or quiz and it is a great way that she further reenforces the material. Something as small as reading off vocab so we can race to spell it first really goes a long way.

Madame Willett is always there to help me get through the challenges as I get older, such as learning the culture and language of France, and she enjoys doing it. “I enjoy spending unstructured time out of the classroom helping my students,” says Madame Willett.

This profile is one in a series written by the 8th graders in Nichole Liese’s journalism elective, the class that produces the Middle School paper, The Raid. Students profiled a teacher who has had an impact on them in and/or out of the classroom.

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