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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 20 March, 2012

Here in Huntsville, 11th/12th Grade Dean Joe Freeman is asking students, "How far does $100 go at Kroger?" "What does it mean to be WIC-approved?" "What is a food desert?"

During the day, 22 students are learning about various elements of poverty (what it is, what sort of choices do families without enough need to make) and what it looks like here in Huntsville. Students spend the morning in an experiential activity and volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club in the afternoons.  They learned about the WIC program today as part of their exploration of social services and the “safety net” that is tenuously in place for those who do not have enough. Hence, the picture of “WIC Approved” bread.

See today's pictures from as far as Greece and as close as the Kroger at Drake and Memorial.

Sunday in the park with the 9th grade

Before they departed, the 9th graders prepared to encounter and engage with great works of art in Chicago by imagining themselves as characters in Georges Seurat's pointillist masterpiece A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. English teacher Hayley Robb explains:

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