Williamsburg: great questions and good ugly

Posted by kashorses - 20 March, 2012

Day two of our Williamsburg trip could not  have been more delightful. While I missed the kids from my bus, it was fun to get to spend some time with other kids, too. I had lots of fun joking around with the girls in my group: Anna Lee, Laura, Emma Grace, Annie, Jacquelyn, and Ava! AND the boys in my group had AMAZING questions!

One question that sticks out in my mind is one asked by John H. at the Magazine. He raised his hand and asked "Are these period-accurate weapons?" OHMYGOSH! WOW! I could not believe it!

So, starting at the beginning. First I had a lovely breakfast with Clay and his mom. Then I got to spend some time with some of the other girls and boys I had not seen as much yet. We took some really fun pictures! After that, it was time to load the buses. When we were waiting for our tickets, all of the kids played the hand game "Double Double This This." Once we got our tickets, we drove to the Magazine and got dropped off, from here we started our tour.

First, we all got sent to jail and learned what it was like to be in jail. On our way out of the jail, we learned that the type of sheep that George Washington liked to collect were actually illegal. Because of the quality of their fur, the King wanted them all kept in England and the colonists were not supposed to have them.

After the jail, we made our way through the Capitol. We learned about taxes and the French and Indian War in the first room we visited. Then we went upstairs and learned some more about how the Colonial government operated. After that, we went to the courtroom and Becca was put on trial. We did a small mock trial. To find out the verdict, we all went outside. Then we learned about the possibility of being branded, if it was your first offense!

After the courthouse, we walked through an old house and got to try on some clothes from Colonial times. I ate lunch with Emily, who is like my second sister, and her grandma at the pizzeria. After that, I went with them to the candy shop, the one everyone was so excited about. I must say, it was worth the hype it got!

Following our lunch break, we all met back up at the church and resumed our tours. We started to visit trade shops after lunch. The two that the kids seemed to enjoy the most were the Wig Shop and the Apothecary. The lady in the wig shop did a very good job of having conversation in character, while still teaching. Our tour guide explained to us after that they were working on a new style of interaction called "In the Moment." This style of interaction is supposed to get the kids more involved.

Following our adventures to the trade shops, we played a game called hoops and sticks. Mrs. Harton, Mrs. Sharon Sapp and I all got to play as well. In hoops and sticks, you have a hoop and a stick and you have to roll your stick to the other side of the yard and back. For us, it was a relay race. All of the kids REALLY enjoyed it. When we were done with our game, we had about 20 minutes till dinner.

I went with some of the kids to one of the gift shops that sells old fashioned items. It was a really cool shop and all of the kids seemed to enjoy it! Then we went to eat at Shield's Tavern. Everyone enjoyed the experience of eating at the tavern. They were all really well behaved. Also, the all agreed that the ice cream and the rolls were really good! :)

Now, it was time to start our night time programs. I got to go to African Music. It was really interesting to hear them talk about what the music meant to them. The Dance circle was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I had so much fun messing around with Helen P.! I think everyone agreed that the best part though, was at the end when they were making fun of the gentry balls! Everyone was dying laughing. My favorite quote from the night was "THAT'S SOME GOOD UGLY!" This was exclaimed by one of the leaders of the activity. She asked everyone to make their best ugly uncomfortable face, because the gentry were uncomfortable.

When the kids got back to the hotel, they enjoyed another swim! Then, it was lights out time because we have big adventures tomorrow. Tomorrow is our free day and everyone gets a little extra time to sleep in! Then we all get to roam Williamsburg on our own!

Happy Interim travels and thanks for reading. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @KA_wmsbg.


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