Interim live: Thursday travels

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 22 March, 2012

Nashville cooks down their knives, the 4th and 8th grades board the buses, the UK trip tweets in to report that they are alive and well. We hear that the Puerto Rico language and service trip had a great time.

While many groups are headed back to Huntsville, the 7th grade is enjoying Camp McDowell and the on-campus service learning group continue their experience with visits to the Sparkman Homes and Village of Promise.

Here on campus, Lillie '13 has spent the week with the Kindergarten for her  Interim internship. "It has been a great experience!" said Kindergarten teacher Mary Adams.

And the schedule, disrupted as it was by ERBs and missing teachers, opened up space for different kinds of interdisciplinary learning. The 5th grade is doing a unit on the Holocaust for history, baking bread in science and doing Spanish karaoke.

The 6th grade has been reenacting Romeo and Juliet with artist-in-residence Susan Guthrie.


The 7th grade had two intensive Culture Days about Oceania, which culminated in presentations, including a didgeridoo demonstration and concert. Ask the 2nd grade about Condition 1 weather in Antarctica.

I'd like to thank all who shared their experiences with us through blog posts, pictures and tweets. From ridiculous hashtags like #myfootisstuck to the more profound observations about citizenship, sacrifice and history, this was clearly a week of class bonding, friendship, engaged learning and new perspectives.

What struck me as I scrolled though your Twitter streams was the connectedness between our students and teachers. There was humor, there were silly bus jokes and there was mutual respect. I was also struck by the appreciation people had for their experiences. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

To see all the pictures from today, click here.

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