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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 23 March, 2012

By Saahil Katyal '16

After seeing the famous home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, we are all on the bus, and we finally know that our experiences in Washington, D.C. are over, for now at least. Although everybody is occupied with things like iPods, books, games,and movies, I am certain that at one point on what seems like an endless bus ride they are all going to go through the trip in their heads. They are going to look back at the inspiring memorials, the history of the city, the fascinating museums and above all the memories that were made on the trip.

It was a great trip and I will never forget it. I learned so much, and I had a blast. Out of everything I saw, the Newseum was the coolest thing that we went to. There was not a single place that we visited where I did not learn something interesting. We are very lucky to have an interim program. We get to travel and learn without actually going to school. That is what makes these trips so cool.

Life is not just taking notes in a classroom, and that is one of the things that all of us learned on this trip, to be independent. It is so much more interesting to learn outside the classroom walls and witness things like the Capitol building and Mount Vernon firsthand. Whether it is Williamsburg, Washington, D.C. or Germany, every place we go through school and life has something to see, and we will always find and learn something new.

Questions and Answers

By Evans Alison '16

1) What was your favorite destination that we visited?

Shear Madness” (Play at the Kennedy Center) – Lauren Richardson

“Newseum” – Ally Below

2) What will you remember most about the trip?

“Being with all my friends.” - Meredith Walker

“Seeing the Iwo Jima memorial because I have always seen it in pictures but it was really cool to see it in person.” –Roman Hawrych

3) What do you like about interactive or “ hands-on” trips like D.C.?

“It gives students a chance to get outside the classroom walls and learn from experiencing something. They get to actually see things we’ve studied first hand.” – Mr. Moore

4) What was your favorite day of the trip and why?

“The Newseum day because it was the most interesting.” – Alexa Janssen

5) What was your favorite memory on the trip?

“Seeing Mount Vernon.” – McKenzie Sanders

“I had a lot of good memories in the dorm.” – Daniel Turpin

6) We are super lucky to have opportunities like going on interactive trips, what makes a trip like this special to you?

“I think this trip is very special because only a couple of schools do things like this.” – Mason Jennings

"It was a wonderful trip! I want to thank the parents for sharing their children with us." - Mrs. Allen

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