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Posted by Brent Bell - 09 August, 2013

groupinterviewTuesday, August 6, marked the "first day of school" for the Randolph faculty. In our first division meeting the upper school faculty engaged in a "design thinking" exercise based around the question . . .

"How do we help students adjust to the new schedule?"

Step 1: Under the leadership of experienced Randolph teacher and new Upper School teacher Patrick Green (who attended a design thinking workshop at Stanford in the summer of 2012), we divided into groups with each group selecting an "interviewee."  The purpose of the interview is to try and create the perspective of the user (in this case the student).

 photo (10)Step 2: After the interview, the group then determines not only what was said, but also what the interviewee might be thinking and feeling. They are then charged with coming up  with an idea that could be of help to the user.





Step 3: The idea is designed and shared with the user.  There is some additional tweaking and the project is ready to be presented.

photo (12)photo (11)







We look forward to having all of our students return (many are already involved with practice for fall teams) on Tuesday!  Much has been done in preparation and we are excited for a great school year.

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