A top program, one game at a time

Posted by Eddie Guth - 24 September, 2013

17Last spring we were thrilled and surprised when the Huntsville Times named Randolph as having the best athletics program for both boys and girls in their 18-school metro coverage area, based on points and results.

That put us ahead of the schools you might think of as being the athletic powerhouses. What was so satisfying about this recognition was that it honored the efforts of all who give their time and effort to our program. It recognizes the quality of the experience that the students, all students, regardless of whether or not they played on one of our state champion teams, have in our program.

57After 30 years of athletic seasons I have never felt so excited about the direction of our program. I am amazed at the hard work of the volleyball players as they prepare for another run as one of the finest teams in the state. An army of smiling volunteers who successfully put on one of the largest cross-country events in the state, where our male and female teams both were crowned champions. The swimmers and divers battle chillier nights and a practice area that gets cooler each day, but they keep on working. The feeling of support and encouragement from the students, band, and fans of all ages on a football Friday is great and so much appreciated.

  • IMG_1251These events are witnessed by many in the Randolph community and are truly special. But, what makes me feel so excited is what is going on each day that may not be in the spotlight:
    • The dedication of the cross country runners in the predawn hours.
  • The incredible schedule shouldered by Coach Gaunt and his staff as they train athletes both in and out of season.
  • The daily commitment made by our athletes as they train during the school day as well as before and after school.
  • The care and conscientious attitude that our trainer, Freddie Durbin, shares with our athletes.

All of these actions make this athletic department so special. There may not be a press conference reporting on the hard work in a workout or the training room regime, but each moment lays a brick to make this foundation strong. It is the winning of each day that will make for a successful season. It is the winning of each season that will make a successful year.

cowA year ago I had no idea that Huntsville was planning on announcing the best athletic department in the city at the end of the year. We had no eye on that prize as we went to work each day. I am so grateful to work with so many who realize to be the best you cannot leap over the day-to-day steps that ultimately take you to the top.

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