What I learn from my team

Posted by Kelly Emerson - 25 September, 2013

8The question: “Why do you play volleyball?” This is what I asked my girls on the bus last week as we headed to play our toughest Area opponent. I knew in my heart what their answer was, but I wanted them to hear it from each other and realized I needed to hear it from them as well.

As my girls answered the question out loud on the bus, they came up with many different answers from “I love the game” to “it’s my passion,” but the one thing that each one of them said was, “they loved to be with their team.”

When my last girl finished speaking, I then asked a second question, “What was our common answer?"

Quickly, they all responded, “because of my TEAM”!

As we piled off the bus for what we anticipated was going to be a tough night of competition, I knew that we would play hard because we would be playing for our TEAM.

We came up short on the scoreboard, losing 15-17 in the 5th set, but I win each time I get to coach these girls.

They continue to teach me what it means to love and support each other. It’s a life lesson that I am proud to take notes on. I will go back to the drawing board this week and remember that Randolph is a special place. It feels good, as a parent and a coach, to remember why we choose this community for our family. The students are not only special to each other, but to each one of us who is blessed to be part of their lives.

Photo: Debbie Tomlinson

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