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Posted by Glynn Below - 24 October, 2013

Recently, our office put together a list of "Myths about Randolph," things some people believe about us and reasons they might not want to inquire. Word of mouth matters greatly and we wondered how our parents would respond to some of these commonly held beliefs. So we put these questions to them and here's what they had to say.

IMG_40761. Why did you choose Randolph over the alternatives in Huntsville?

We chose Randolph because it is a safe environment for our children. We stay because our children feel a strong sense of community! They are very secure in the small, loving, educational environment that first attracted us to the School.

Strongest academics in town. We have tried other schools and Randolph outshines them all when it comes to academics.

We always considered Randolph a strong option for our children. After visiting the School and meeting the ambassadors, we were sold! The students made such a strong impression on us, and we wanted our children to experience the learning community these students had. The Randolph students were responsible for our final decision.

IMG_28662. What is the value of a Randolph education? How do you justify the tuition?

Simple; like we say, the children are known, challenged, and loved. You can’t put a price on that.

We highly value Randolph’s strong academics. Our child is being well prepared for college and a professional career. I’m very willing to give up some of my desires so that the money can go to her education at Randolph. Compared to tuition in Atlanta, Randolph is very reasonable.

The best product often comes at the highest price. Randolph is no exception. We justify the price of the tuition in two ways: 1) It is not an expense, it is an investment and we fully believe the return on our investment will be high; and 2) In choosing a cheaper product, most often, “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.” Very rarely do you have buyer’s remorse when you choose to buy the best.

2013-09-06 14.28.04Education is the only thing I can “buy” my sons that will have life-long value.

The small class sizes and the close interaction between the students and teachers is worth the price. My child is known not just by name, but by her personality, abilities, strengths, even her taste in music. She is truly known as a person.

Because she feels valued and understood she is comfortable asking questions in class and participating on every level.

The academics are top notch. Randolph students are certainly prepared for college. However, it is much more than just an excellent academic institution.

The culture at Randolph is one of mutual respect, caring and positive support. Students are taught that they matter. Regardless of one’s strengths, Randolph provides many opportunities to highlight those. The tuition is justified by happy, secure, well rounded, flourishing students.

2013-09-09 15.00.263. Is there enough individualized attention in the classrooms for those who need extra help or those who need extra challenge?

I feel like Randolph takes great pains to teach to the individual student. To me, it is one of the most beneficial areas of the Randolph experience.

First of all, the doors are always open, in the sense that parents can be assured that teachers are always willing to sit down and discuss their child’s progress. Through advisory, it’s more intentional and specific. The more parents are willing to work with teachers as partners, rather than in opposition to them (not questioning their motives, but rather seeking to understand their methods), the more likely their child will be happier, appropriately challenged, and successful here.

4. How does Randolph partner with parents to let them know about a child’s progress?

We love the fact that our daughter will have the same advisor during her four years at Randolph prior to college. It is a pleasure to meet with him regarding her progress. Teachers also make extensive comments on report cards. The personalized comments make me aware of how well they know my daughter. They are very aware of her strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, they can build on her weaknesses and better prepare her for the future.

2013-08-22 10.39.535. I simply cannot afford Randolph.

It is worth every penny. I’ve given up many material things for my daughter to have the best education available in Huntsville.

Talk to the staff about financial aid, scholarships, etc. You should at least have the conversation with them to make sure you allow them the opportunity to open the door and have your child walk into the best education available.

6. I want my child to be exposed to real world experiences and diversity. I’m concerned that Randolph’s exclusive environment may limit this.

There is a diverse demographic of students who attend Randolph. The curriculum also focuses on diversity and real world experiences. I believe this is especially true for the curriculum in the Middle School and Upper School.

2013-09-03 12.37.09I understand. I am concerned about this, too. However, when I hear some of the “real world experiences” at public middle and high schools, I would prefer to pay for my child to have protection from those experiences. Caring adults, respectful kids, and quality academics are the experience I choose.

I don’t think of Randolph as exclusive by any stretch of the imagination. I would characterize our student body as young people who want to learn.

Randolph has a great community service program. Also, the School has much diversity when it comes to ethnicity and financial abilities. What parents and families have in common is the desire for the best education.

JulieGoldw7. My child is passionate about the arts/athletics and may not be cut out for the rigorous academic standards at Randolph. Is there a place for him/her?

One passion does not need to exclude another. It is important to provide your child the opportunity to do what he loves and is good at, like arts or athletics. You won’t find a better school for fostering those passions and providing opportunities to excel or try new things. But academics are also very important.

At Randolph, a student is encouraged and guided to enjoy both a vigorous academic path and extra-curricular activities.

Absolutely. We are focused on a child’s willingness to work hard, to persevere over tough obstacles, to step out of their comfort zones, and to embrace possible “failure” as an opportunity to learn. While a “C” to one student might be a “failure”, a “C” to another may be a great step forward.

sweep8. As a religious family, we are concerned about our children’s character education. How does Randolph teach these kinds of values every day?

Randolph enforces a rigorous honor code. The students know what is expected of their conduct, and as a result develop into individuals of high character.

Great question. I do think our school stresses honor and respect in all areas of a student’s life – without teaching one specific religion. Honor is how you conduct yourself as well as the treatment of others.

Randolph may not be religiously based but your child will receive plenty of character education and moral standards.

2013-08-29 09.58.119. My child is smart enough to get into a good college; s/he will have no trouble when it’s time to apply. Why should I spend over 15K a year for maybe a few more SAT points when s/he is already at the top of the class?

To give them the absolute best education in town! It is more than SAT points – it’s about being prepared to excel once you leave high school. Randolph does more than teach facts – it equips your children with life skills also (organizational, speaking and time management, etc…) Being in an environment that applauds high achievement and academic excellence breeds success beyond an SAT score!

Randolph seeks to prepare the whole person, not just focus on standardized test scores. As early as 3rd grade, students are taught vital study skills that will prepare them to be successful in their higher education endeavors. They are also taught to be resilient and to never give up.

no_outsidersThe quality of the learning environment and supportive community is special. My children were known, loved, supported and watched by every member of the community. Their experience of K-12 was dramatically better than either my wife or I recall our school experiences.

The experience Randolph School provides cannot be found anywhere else in Huntsville. The money is not for a few more points on the SAT; it is for opportunities that will positively change a student for life.

10. I don’t live or work close to Randolph. How can we make Randolph work for our family?

We don’t either. We make it work. A bus travels from Decatur daily – you would be surprised to find that there are people who live near you who would love to carpool.

You do what you have to do. We live outside of Fayetteville and drive an hour to and from school every day. It’s actually a great time to talk to our daughter and share the events of the day – some trips are better than others. :) If your goal is to be the best parents you can be and provide the best opportunity for your child then you have to do whatever it takes. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “If you are what you do, then if you don’t, you aren’t.”

If you'd like to learn more about us, please call our office to arrange a visit or ask some of your own questions. 256-799-6103 or email admissions@randolphschool.net. Our next Admissions event is on March 5, 2015, 5:30 p.m., registration and other information can be found here.

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