School Culture: Silent Night

Posted by Rebecca Moore - 31 October, 2013

2013-09-06 10.53.07Owen Averbuch '15 writes: I remember standing in the first row of the student section in the gym standing next to Nick and Cameron and some senior girls, silently cheering on the players during the Silent Night basketball game. That night, the student section could not cheer until the basketball team scored 13 or more points. We were all standing and cheering and only the sound of our feet on the ground and our shakers in the air could be heard.

This went on for a few minutes as Michael Reiney kept making three-pointer after three-pointer until finally we had twelve points up on the scoreboard. Everyone, including myself, was biting their lips waiting until the thirteenth point was scored. I started recording just in time as Juan dribbled the ball down the court and passed it to Michael who made a quick pass to Alex Kofskey who then hooked the ball in the goal to get Randolph over 13 points!

2013-09-09 15.00.26All of the students starting jumping up and down and screaming as loud as our vocal chords would allow us to. I could have sworn that we were shaking the gym. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure that we screamed and cheered as loudly as we could for about a minute more until the cheering died down, just a little, and we watched the rest of the game--which Randolph won! I left the stadium after the game with a huge smile and a nearly busted eardrum, which was well worth it.

Members of the AP Language and Composition class gave their own interpretations of the four attributes we will feature in our next admissions viewbook (Relationships, Freedom, School Culture and High Expectations). Through mindmaps and exercises to pair text and image and then in personal reflections, students shared their stories and experiences about what makes Randolph Randolph.

Every Raider has a story. What's yours?

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