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Posted by Rebecca Moore - 14 January, 2014

“How will you be remembered?”

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” - Marian Wright Edelman

2014-01-03 08.44.19The first day back from the Winter Break, our faculty and staff inservice speaker, Gary Huckaby, challenged us to think about the ways in which we can help our students “find their greatness.” One of the other questions he posed was, “How will you be remembered?”

It’s a good question. It helps you focus and stay focused on what matters most. As our 8th graders move up to the Upper School, they create a legacy project, a work of art to be installed somewhere on the K-8 campus. In the same vein, each graduating class is asked to make a gift to the school, to leave a legacy for those who will come after. Teachers start programs and traditions that they hope will take root and continue to grow and evolve. The important thing about a legacy is that we do it for those who will inherit our desks, our classes, our teams, our traditions, our values, our school.

Who has made Randolph what it is today?

IMG_9868wThe spring issue of the Randolph Magazine will bid farewell to Byron Hulsey, a Head of School who has led the School through a tremendous period of growth, one in which many legacies have been established or come to fruition. Perhaps Dr. Hulsey’s greatest legacy is Randolph's mission statement, the articulation of the School’s purpose, and how he fostered our shared belief in the mission. A legacy of his tenure could be symbolized by the bricks and mortar of the Garth Campus, but, as he would be quick to point out, it would not have happened without those whose vision for that campus and the investments they made of time, talent and treasure are their legacies.

In this issue, we hope to honor as many of these people as we can and celebrate the school Randolph is today, knowing that we are all, in some way, though it may be modest and slight, responsible for its future

As we prepare to say farewell to Dr. Hulsey, we want to thank all of those people whose Randolph legacies are now in our hands, which we in turn will pass on to others, in the hopes that the School will continue to flourish.

Who should be on the cover?

2013-12-13 15.18.41When we were putting together ideas for the magazine, someone suggested that the cover should be like the Sports Illustrated cover for March Madness, which depicts all of the teams. (It also made me think of Peter Blake's album cover for The Beatles.) So, who are our icons? Who are our players? Who is on the team? Who made the School what it is today?

Please send us suggestions for who you would include and why. Photos are always welcome, too. Please leave your comments below or email communications@randolphschool.net.


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